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Unrestricted Design Flexibility
Our innovations in materials engineering offer a range of novel capabilities allowing for a new generation of devices that are soft, stretchable, and anatomically compliant – enabling efficient bio-integration and withstanding of high tensile stress associated with on-body applications.
Platform Features
Expert craftsmanship to enable wash, stretch, durability and comfort in creating complex solutions.
Design freedom with form factor optionality ranging from 3D structures to no-seam attachments.
Achieving customizable fit, from desired sizing for apparel, to engi- neering our textiles to wrap around hard structures for consumer elec- tronics.
Advanced Material
A collection of complex and recycled materials and finishes
Bio-mimicking material
Thermo-responsive polymers and yarns, pine-cone biomimetic yarn for moisture management for improved comfort over extended wear times
Biomaterials and
Recycled Yarn
We source materials sustainably and partner with supply chain suppliers to develop raw materials that are organic, recycled, natural, and/or responsibly sourced
PU foam-based
Injection Molding
Replacing hard plastic components for flexibility,
durability, and seamless integration of sensors
Acoustic Dampening Fabrics
Certified Acoustic fabrics specifically designed for uninterrupted sound passthrough from materials to product
Memory Foam with
PU Leather
Internal and external fabric/leather lamination on foam provides superior comfort and flexibility. Memory foam built for high impact/low frequency
Silicone Printing and Embellishments
Patented Silicone Application Technology to enable targeted modification of fabric modulus using engineered functional prints for grip and comfort
Platform Application
“Integration of technology into textiles to create robust, scalable,
and functional solutions.”
Connected Clothing
Reactive Bra - Sustainability Edit
Designed to converge sustainability into a wearable using seamless tech integration - resulting in a product where fitness and sustainability intersect.
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