Making Sustainable Value Matter
At Softmatter, we are committed to creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders. Our designs, processes, and materials are tailored to build products which are well-crafted, robust, with minimal impact on our planet. Our manufacturing facilities follow the most advanced eco-efficient practices in the industry. Furthermore, we invest in the development of our employees, to achieve our 2030 vision towards gender parity, enhancing accessibility and sustainable living.
Product longevity & circularity
As part of our conscious product design efforts, we intend to reduce our impact on the environment. We hope to mitigate the environmental damages caused by fast fashion and consumerism by extending the longevity of our products. Our teams actively work on enhancing modularity and easy dis-assembly of electronic elements to support recycling efforts.
Preserving our environment
Reforestation and preservation of existing forests is of utmost priority to us to support carbon netting off efforts. We place an equally prominent emphasis on enabling wildlife conservation through our technological infrastructure, especially for endangered species in Sri Lanka such as Leopards and Elephants.
Equality & Inclusivity
Our emphasis lies in ensuring STEM education is more accessible and equitable to inspire the next generation of innovators, especially from economically lagging regions in Sri Lanka. We aim to create an advocacy coalition of partners committed to championing women in STEM.
Does it Matter?
We're driving science, technology, and innovation to help meet our 2030 ambition to strive for positive impact and change.
Our Programs
We have twelve commitments for 2030 which we will work towards as we move forward in our journey to sustainable systemic change.
Softmatter x Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka
The Softmatter team engaged in a reforestation exercise to help reforest 2 acres of land in Rakwana Hills in Sri Lanka. This is an ecologically important habitat bordering the Sinharaja World Heritage Rainforest.
This is our first step towards preserving and restoring habitats to help restore biodiversity.
We partnered with Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka, which is a non-profit environmental organization with a mission to protect the last remaining rainforests and threatened ecosystems in Sri Lanka, including Sinharaja and Kanneliya rainforests, through conservation projects and environmental activism primarily driven through volunteer support.
Size of Land Reforested:
2 acres
Expected Carbon Sequestration Rate in Our Reforested Site:
Our Quest for Sustainable Materials
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Plan for Change
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